The federal election is on Monday, October 19, 2015

A man holds a voting card. Photo by The Vancouver Sun

A man holds a voting card.
Photo by The Vancouver Sun

There is a federal election in Canada
on Monday, October 19, 2015.
Voters in each province
and territory elect Members of Parliament (MPs)*.

You can vote in this federal election if you:

  • are a Canadian citizen.
  • are at least 18 years old on election day.
  • can prove your identity and address.

Make sure you are registered to vote:
You have to be registered
if you want to vote.
Click here to learn more.

Canada has 338 electoral areas called ridings.
Voters in each riding elect one MP.
The 338 MPs represent the people
in their ridings.
The MPs also help to run the government.

Election results
The party with the most MPs
forms the government.
The Conservative party formed the government
in the last federal election
because it had the most MPs.

Conservative leader Stephen Harper Photo by GEOFF ROBINS/AFP/Getty Images

Conservative leader Stephen Harper
Photo by Geoff Robins/AFP/Getty Images

Stephen Harper is the leader of the Conservative party.
In the May 2011 federal election,
his party won a majority government.
So Harper is Canada’s Prime Minister.

Harper wants to be the Prime Minister of Canada again.
Some people like Harper as leader.
Other people do not like him.

Canada’s Voter Guide
This guide covers topics such as
child care and old age pension,
budgets and taxes, and defense.
It shows you how the three main parties (ConservativeLiberalNDP)
feel about these important topics.

This guide does not cover everything
the parties have discussed.
Please visit the three main party websites
(ConservativeLiberalNDP) to learn more.
Click here to see this voter guide.
There is also the Green party, smaller parties and independents, too.

Quiz – what party do you side with?
Click here to answer the following questions.
See how your beliefs match each political party.

To vote in person
on October 19:

  1. You should have a voter’s card.
    It was sent in the mail.
    Bring the card to vote.
  2. Bring ID.
    You must prove your identity and address.

What kind of ID?

1) Show one of these pieces of ID

  • your driver’s licence
  • your provincial or territorial ID card
  • any other government card with your photo, name and current address


2) Show two pieces of ID
At least one must have your current address

  • health card
  • Canadian passport
  • birth certificate
  • certificate of Canadian citizenship
  • citizenship card
  • social insurance number card
  • Indian status card
  • band membership card
  • Métis card
  • card issued by an Inuit local authority
  • Canadian Forces identity card
  • Veterans Affairs health card
  • old age security card
  • hospital card
  • medical clinic card
  • label on a prescription container
  • identity bracelet issued by a hospital or long-term care facility
  • blood donor card
  • CNIB card
  • Click here for other accepted ID.

Elections Canada accepts e-statements and e-invoices.
Print them or show them on a mobile device.

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