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Month: January 2013

Pikas are tiny farmers

Written by Alice Weber – Glacier National Park Level 1 What is a pika? Pikas are part of the rabbit family. They are the size of a very large mouse. Their ears are big and round. Their legs are short and their tails are very small. Read the PDF. Pikas are tiny farmers-PDF Visit the…

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A Beanpod from Fernie goes to London

Adapted from The Vancouver Courier Level 3 Fernie is famous for skiing. The city calls itself a mountain town. In the winter there is plenty of snow. The Rocky Mountains are on all sides of Fernie. Fernie is in southeastern B.C. Beanpod Chocolate makes its home in Fernie. Maybe now, Fernie will be famous for…

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Hungry snowy owls return to Tsawwassen

Adapted from The Province by Nancy Carson Level 2 Bird lovers are excited. About two dozen snowy owls have come back to B.C.’s Lower Mainland for the winter. The owls are in Boundary Bay in the Tsawwassen area. People have seen them on Vancouver Island, too. Read the PDF. Hungry snowy owls return to Tsawwassen-PDF Visit…

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Family, the first school for young children

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun Level 2 How does a child become a good reader? How does a child become a good speaker? The answer is simple. The family is the first school for a child. A child becomes a good reader because people at home read to him. And read often. A child learns…

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Grade 4 kids in B.C. are top readers

Adapted from The Vancouver Courier by Nancy Carson Level 2 Grade 4 students in B.C. are very good readers. Nine provinces in Canada were in a reading study. There were 45 countries in the same study. Read the PDF Grade 4 kids in BC are top readers-PDF Visit the link: Vancouver Sun’s Raise-a-Reader program with videos…

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Throw like a girl

Adapted from The Courier Level 2 At one time, people thought boys and girls had different arms and shoulders. These people noticed that boys could throw a ball well. They noticed that girls did not throw well. “You throw like a girl” meant your throw was weak. It meant you could not throw far.  And…

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A game in Kenya

Level 1 It is one year ago. I go to a city called Kakamega. This city is in western Kenya. And Kenya is a country in East Africa. Read the PDF. A game in Kenya-PDF Visit the link: Rules of the marbles game, video Game on the street 30 games for outdoor play Hopscotch Kick…

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My first Christmas in Denver

My First Christmas in Denver Reader submission from Dorsa Ghiassi (age 11) from Denver, CO My name is Dorsa. I am Iranian. I am now living in Colorado, Denver. I had already lived in Vancouver for 2 years. This is my first Christmas in Denver, Colorado. I decided to make a Christmas dinner all by…

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