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Month: May 2013

Hannah writes about Jonah

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun Level 1 January 2012 Hannah Christensen is 12 years old. She wrote a book called Sock Wars to remember her brother. Jonah died three years ago. He was six years old. Sock Wars is a fun story about a girl and her brother. The girl washes clothes. Then she folds…

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This summer, enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables!

  Check the vocabulary: produce = in this text, it means “fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains” to spoil = to go bad pricey = expensive discount = sale, reduced price Tips for buying and keeping produce fresh: Pick your own Some farms sell cheaper produce, if you go and pick it yourself. There are…

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A family business

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun Level 3 January 2012 William and his wife, Jenny, started their beef jerky business 25 years ago. They bought the secret recipe for dried meat in Singapore for $35,000. BKH Jerky was a booming business for many years. But bad luck hit. A fire destroyed their business. BKH Jerky had…

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Race with a thief

Adapted from The Province by Nila Gopaul Level 1, December 2010 Otto Haas was a famous runner in Germany. He ran 100 metres in 12.5 seconds. And over 70 years later, he raced again. Otto, his wife Josefine, and her sister, Trudy, live in Kelowna. They visited Vancouver in 2009. In a parking lot, a young…

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Start a container garden

Level one April 2011 Save money Grow your own vegetables. It is a great way to save money. Start your garden You don’t need a big space. You can grow many things in a pot or a container. Plant vegetables You can plant some herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, radishes and peas this month. Put in a…

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The Great Blue Heron

Adapted from the B.C. Ministry of Environment and The Province Illustrations by Nola Johnston Level 2 May 2011 In BC, people can see Great Blue Herons all year. Herons live on the coast. They also live in the southern part of B.C. The heron is a large bird: It is taller than many 8-year-old children….

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