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Month: June 2013

Be-leaf it!

Adapted from The Province Level 1 January 2011 Eve Steel has the world’s biggest maple leaf. This leaf is 44 centimetres (cm) wide and 34 cm long. Eve’s mother says, “With the stem, it’s 59 cm. It’s just a huge leaf.” Eve found the leaf near her Vancouver home. Eve says, “It was really windy,…

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Sitting is a pain

Level 2 Adapted from The Edmonton Journal October 2011 Ginette Biro is a personal trainer. She teaches people how to exercise. Biro also trains students to stretch. Read the PDF. Sitting is a pain-PDF Sitting for a long time can be hard on the body, especially the back. Biro says it is very important to…

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Walked the world

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun Level 1 December 2011 Jean Beliveau was not a happy man. He needed a change. On August 18, 2000, Jean tied his shoes and said good-bye. It was his 45th birthday. Jean decided to walk around the world for peace. And he walked, for 11 years. He travelled 75,000 kilometres…

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Water safety

Water safety Adapted by Nila Gopaul Level 3 June 2010 Each year in BC, about 43 people drown. You drown if your lungs fill with water and you cannot breathe. Where do people drown?   In swimming pools, in natural waters such as rivers, lakes and oceans, and in bathtubs. Always have an adult watch babies…

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Adapted from The Vancouver Sun Level 3 January 2011 Sarah Meli of Malta, Ziaul Hasan of India, and Zelius Kleefstra of South Africa came to Vancouver to study. All three UBC (University of British Columbia) students spoke about their experiences in Canada. Read the PDF.  Try the Exercise. Greetings-PDF Hugging Sarah says hugging is a…

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66 years in love

Adapted from The Province by Nila Gopaul Level 1 February 2012 Zoe and Bob Longshaw are in love. The two married on May 18, 1946. Bob is 87 years old.  He was a mechanic. Zoe is 86 years old.  She was a hairdresser. Together, they raised five sons. Bob and Zoe like to go out. They…

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