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Month: August 2013

Young eagle rescued

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun Level 1 A young eagle was hurt. She was caught on a tree branch. The cottonwood tree was 25-metres tall. Gordon Sasa climbed the tree. He put the eagle in a net. Read the PDF. Young eagle rescued-PDF

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Rowing the Northwest Passage

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun Level 2 Four men are rowing a boat from Inuvik, Northwest Territories to Pond Inlet, Nunavut.  The boat is 7.6 meters long.  They left Inuvik in early July.  They hope to arrive in Pond Inlet in early fall. This route is called the Northwest Passage. It is a very dangerous…

Life Stories
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Stanley Park is 125 years old

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun Level 3 Stanley Park opened on Sept 27, 1888.  It was a big forest. People lived in the park area. Most moved away by 1931. One person lived in the park until he died in 1958. His house was torn down. Read the PDF.  Try the Exercise. Stanley park is…

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New homes for women in the downtown eastside

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun Level 3 This apartment is made from old shipping containers. The containers are stacked and finished inside. They are painted bright colours. Visit the links: 11 uses for shipping containers 15 awesome ways to reuse shipping containers Each apartment has a kitchen, bathroom and living room. Photo: Courtesy of Atira…

Social Issues
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Teens and screens

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun Level 3 January 2011 Teenage Internet addiction* is on the rise in B.C. Many teenagers now spend 7 to 14 hours a day on the Internet. Parents and teachers worry these teenagers might be addicted to the Internet. * (say: ah-dik-shun) Read the PDF.  Try the Exercise. Teens and screens-PDF…

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Baby sign language

Level 2 April 2011 Special thanks to Sheri Kauhausen of and the mothers at Kerrisdale Community Centre Sheri Kauhausen teaches sign language to parents and to babies who hear. She uses American Sign Language in her classes. Sheri says babies can communicate before they can speak. Read the PDF. Baby sign language-PDF Babies (8–12…

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Level 2 January 2011 What is etiquette? Etiquette* is a set of rules telling people how to behave. Different cultures have different rules. For example, there are rules about eating, using cell phones and greeting people. *(say: eh-ti-kit) Read the PDF. Etiquette-PDF Some rules in Canada are: Illustrations by: Nola Johnston

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Volunteers help people

Level 1 April 2010 Many people volunteer in Canada. Volunteers do not get paid to work. Volunteers help people in many ways. For example: Some volunteers help newcomers with their English. Other volunteers help children learn a new sport. Volunteers sometimes work in a store such as a thrift shop. Read the PDF.  Try the…

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