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Month: December 2013

The world’s newest mammal – the olinguito

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun and The Smithsonian Level 3 Researchers found a new mammal in South America. The new mammal is called an olinguito. Olinguitos are small. Their fur is reddish-brown. Olinguitos are cute! They have faces like teddy bears. They jump through the trees and travel at night. Olinguitos live in Ecuador and Columbia. They…

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Remembering the life of Nelson Mandela

Written by Tracy Defoe Level 3 Hero People in Canada, and around the world remembered the life of Nelson Mandela in December 2013. He was a hero to many people for the way he lead his life. Mandela was devoted to democracy, equality and learning. He was a leader for change in his country. He…

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How to make apple butter

Adapted from wikiHow Level 2 ELSA students at the Collège Éducacentre in Vancouver made apple butter. The students peeled, cut and boiled apples. They poured in honey. They added cinnamon and cardamom. They canned the apple butter. Each student got a jar of apple butter to take home. It was the most delicious English lesson of…

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Safe outdoor ice-skating in BC

Outdoor ice-skating is healthy and fun! It is important to skate only where it is safe. Vancouver Parks Board is warning the public to stay off frozen lakes and ponds. The ice is not thick enough. Here are some links to safe outdoor ice-skating areas. You can add your favourite place to skate in the…

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Shoppers plan to spend less this Christmas

Adapted from The Province Level 1 BC shoppers want to spend less for Christmas this year. Financial managers advise families to make a plan. A plan for spending is called a budget. Families should make a holiday budget. They should plan how much to spend. Spending tips for the holidays: Shop early. Shop with a plan….

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An accident can change a life forever

Adapted from The Province Level 2 Trevor Philips walked home from a concert. A car hit him. Philips broke both his legs. He crushed his ankle. He broke his ribs, collarbone and backbone. He may lose the sight in his left eye. Philips was an active person. He worked in a restaurant. He ran a company…

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Libraries help newcomers

Level 2 Ten libraries in the Lower Mainland are part of a new project. The project is called NewToBC. The NewToBC project helps newcomers feel at home in BC. The NewtoBC website is helpful and easy to use. The website is The library staff can help immigrants. They can help you find what you…

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