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Month: February 2014

Young girl fights bullying

Adapted from The Province and the Nanaimo Daily News Reposted February 24, 2016. This year Pink Shirt Day is February 24. Level 2 Alvena Little-Wolf Ear is 9 years old. She is in grade 4. Alvena was unhappy. Children at school made fun of her. They would not play with her. Annette Little is Alvena’s mother….

Social Issues
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Bunnies run and jump

Adapted from The Province Level 1 Ridge is a rabbit. Rabbits are also called bunnies. Ridge is good at sports. He loves to run and jump. The bunnies jump and run in the Abbotsford Pet Lover Show. Children cheer for the bunnies at the show. Read the PDF and do the exercise Bunnies run and jump…

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Sisters go to the Olympics

Adapted from The Province Level 1 Justine is 19 years old. Chloe is 22 years old. Maxime is 25 years old. They are sisters. They are from Montreal. They are on the Canadian Olympic Team. They ski the women’s freestyle moguls at the Olympics. Read the PDF and do the exercise Sisters go to Olympics Visit the…

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Atira wins award

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun Level 2 Atira is an organization. Atira helps women in Vancouver, Surrey and White Rock. Atira builds homes for women. Atira owns 13 buildings. They house 1,200 women. The homes are safe places. The homes are low-cost. They built a new apartment in downtown Vancouver. They used old shipping containers. The…

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Henrik Sedin stays home

Adapted from The Province Level 1 Henrik Sedin plays hockey. He plays for the Vancouver Canucks. Sedin is the captain of the team. Sedin is injured. He broke a rib and a finger. He has not been able to play. Read the PDF Henrik Sedin stays home Watch the videos Watch the Canucks play here and here. Watch NHL hockey…

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People with disabilities are good workers

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun Level 2 Scott Fattedad works two days a week. Fattedad works one day at the Thrifty’s. He works one day at Starbucks. Thrifty’s hired him 11 years ago. Fattedad has Down Syndrome. He is friendly. He likes to chat with customers. He does his job very well. He gets awards for…

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Valentine’s Day

Adapted from Best of the Reader Level 1 Valentine’s Day is on February 14. It is a romantic day for many adults. They buy cards, chocolates or flowers for each other. They say, “I love you.” Visit the link: Make your own Valentine’s Day card. See the seven steps to make a simple Valentine card. How…

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Simple steps to composting

Level 3 What is compost? Nature makes compost naturally all the time. Leaves, grass, and branches die and pile up. Slowly they turn into dirt. That dirt feeds the living plants. It is called compost. People make compost by piling garden and kitchen waste in piles, bins, or barrels. It’s easy to make! Feed your…

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