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Month: February 2016

Employers are hiring more apprentices

Story adapted from The Vancouver Sun by Patty Bossort LEVEL 3 More employers are starting to hire and train apprentices. Hiring apprentices helps corporations get good workers. Working as an apprentice helps workers gain skills on-the-job. Why do we need more apprenticeship opportunities? Skilled trades workers “don’t grow on trees,” says one employer. Workers need to be…

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Four female rowers rescued in Atlantic

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun level 1 Four women tried to row across the Atlantic. They were from England. The women planned to row over 4,000 km. They planned to row from Spain to Barbados. Read the story Four female rowers rescued in Atlantic

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Eagles flock to the dump

Level 2 “They are all over the place. I don’t think you’re going to see any other place with this many,” says Albert Shamess. Shamess is the director of waste management for the City of Vancouver. “Anything that sticks out of the ground has an eagle on top of it.” Sometimes a dozen or more…

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City of Richmond says signs in bus shelters must be in English

  LEVEL 3 Bus shelters are good places to advertise. Signs in bus shelters advertise real estate, toothpaste, credit cards, beer, entertainment and more. Most signs in bus shelters in Richmond are written in both Chinese and English. In 2015, 58% of sign permits were for “mixed language” signs. Recently, Budweiser put up an ad…

Social Issues
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The Great Bear Rainforest becomes a park!

Story adapted from The Vancouver Sun by Patty Bossort LEVEL 2 The Great Bear Rainforest will become a park in the spring of 2016. People fought to make this area a park for over 20 years. It took 10 years to make a deal. The deal will protect the environment. It allows some logging and…

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Family Day in British Columbia

Adapted from The Province by Patty Bossort Level 1 The first Family Day holiday in BC was in 2013. Family Day in BC is on the second Monday of February. Other provinces have their holiday on the third Monday of February. Change the day? A lot of people want BC to change the day. They want…

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Building community in the Lunar New Year

Story adapted from The Vancouver Sun Level 3 Lunar New Year begins on February 8 this year. It is the same day as the BC Family Day holiday. The annual parade in Vancouver will be on February 14. It will start at 11:00 in China Town. Lunar New Year is also called Chinese New Year…

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Wanted: More female bobsledders

Story adapted from The Vancouver Sun Level 3 Canadian women win gold Two women raced in the fastest bobsled. They won the gold cup in Whistler, BC. Kaillie Humphries was the pilot of the sled. She comes from Calgary. “It was a lot closer than I wanted it to be,” Humphries said. Humphries raced against eight…

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