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Month: March 2016

April Fools’ Day is fun

Many countries celebrate April Fools’ Day on April 1. Sometimes the day is called All Fools’ Day. On this day people play harmless tricks or pranks. The tricks can be played on friends, family, or coworkers. Often newspapers, TV stations and websites play tricks. No one knows the exact date of the first April Fools’…

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Seven steps to a healthier life

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun Level 1 It is simple. Eat less and move more. Lose weight and feel healthier by doing these things. Read the PDFs. Try the exercises. Seven steps to a heathier life Your Health is part of an e-book on healthy living from Best of the Reader Visit the links: Best of the…

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Wildlife returning to the city

Story adapted from The Vancouver Sun by Patty Bossort LEVEL 2 Black-tailed deer left Vancouver 30 years ago. Elk disappeared from the False Creek area a century ago. The last cougar in Vancouver was shot in Stanley Park in 1911. People in Vancouver did not want large wild animals to live in town. Parts of…

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Prime Minister Trudeau in Washington

  LEVEL 3 Americans are excited about Prime Minister Trudeau. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the President of the United States. He stayed for three days. This was the first official visit of a Canadian Prime Minister to the United States in 20 years. Hundreds of people greeted Prime Minister Trudeau at the White House…

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New country, new babies

LEVEL 2 2016 is a year of new beginnings for many Syrian families in Canada. The Ktifan family is from Syria. They arrived in Vancouver on January 7, 2016. Amjad and Wadaa Ktifan left Syria with their children. They fled to Jordan. Now they are in Canada. They are refugees. New babies On February 29…

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Raise Your Hands Against Racism

LEVEL 2 Spice Radio Vancouver 1200 AM is asking people around the world to raise their hands. They want you to show your hands in colour. They want to show that skin colour should not define or separate us. Shushma Datt started it Shushma Datt and friends started the event in 2015. The Hindu festival…

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Baseball treasures found in the attic

Story adapted from The Vancouver Sun by Patty Bossort                           LEVEL 1   Edward Bradford loved baseball. He liked to save things. He was a “packrat”. Download the story Baseball treasures found in the attic Listen to “Baseball treasures found in the attic” Reading…

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Education First Nations style

LEVEL 3 Eighty children go to a special school in Vancouver. They learn in First Nations style. The Aboriginal Focus School is the only one in Vancouver. Seventy of the students are aboriginal and 10 are not aboriginal. They have room for more students. The school helps students develop cultural pride. Students learn about the…

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