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Month: April 2016

Surprise! We saw bears

LEVEL 2 Newcomers to Canada enjoy learning about camping and wildlife. Last year we went camping. We camped in a national park. We woke up very early. We went bird watching. We didn’t see any birds. We saw a black bear and her cubs! We were very surprised. The bears were far away from us….

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Tips to keep your brain healthy

Story adapted from The Vancouver Sun by Patty Bossort LEVEL 1 You can keep your brain healthy. Five simple ways to keep your brain healthy: Reading by: Patty Bossort Listen “Tips to keep your brain healthy

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Brother and sister cook up sauce

Level 2 Story adapted from The Vancouver Sun by Patty Bossort Skylar and Chloe Sinow run their own business. They make and sell pasta sauces. They wrote a cookbook. Their business is called Kids Can Cook Gourmet. The sauces They make three kinds of sauces. One hundred and thirty stores in Alberta and B.C. sell…

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Ducklings need help

Adapted from The Province Level 2 Sometimes baby ducks are orphans. An orphan is a child without a parent. A baby duck is called a duckling. People find the orphaned ducklings. They take the ducklings to the Wildlife Rescue Association. The Association takes care of them. Read the PDF and do the exercise Ducklings need help…

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Meet a cat for coffee

LEVEL 1 Come in. Drink a coffee. Pet the cats. Take one home. Meet the cats at the Catfé This café is in Vancouver. It’s called the Catfé. Michelle Furbacher owns the café. Michelle wants cats to live in the café. She wants people to come and enjoy the cats. Read the story and do…

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Retired football player swings an axe

Level 3 Shea Emry always wanted to be a lumberjack. A lumberjack is a person who cuts down trees and cuts them into logs. Shea Emry’s great-great-grandfather was a logger. Most of the men in his family worked in the forest industry. Emry likes to swing an axe. Emry says swinging an axe is better…

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