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Month: June 2016

Can we save the ocean?

Level 3 Boyan Slat says, ”Yes, we can!” Who is Boyan Slat? Boyan Slat is 21 years old. He lives in the Netherlands. Boyan started thinking about how to clean up the ocean when he was 16 years old. His family was on vacation near Greece. He liked to swim in the Mediterranean Sea. He…

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LINC students help the people of Fort McMurray

LEVEL 2 Carolyn Moi was sad. She watched the news. In May, a huge wildfire burned Fort McMurray. People lost their homes. Carolyn had an idea Carolyn is a teacher for the Burnaby School District. She teaches an adult LINC 1 class. Carolyn’s class wanted to help the people from Fort McMurray. At the same…

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Writer lives at a lighthouse

Level 3 Caroline Woodward lives at a light station near Tofino, B.C. The lighthouse is on Lennard Island. The lighthouse is very important. It has lights that guide ships along the rocky shores of the Pacific coast. Caroline and her husband, Jeff, have lived and worked at more than 12 lighthouses along the B.C. coast….

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