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Month: June 2017

What do you know about Canada?

July 1 is Canada Day. July 1, 2017, is Canada’s 150th birthday! Look for parades, fireworks and events in your community. Monday, July 3 is a national holiday. Happy Canada Day!!!! Try our Canada Day quiz. Canada Day Quiz Photo: PixabayClick here for 150 things to do to celebrate Canada’s 150 birthday.

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Summer sun safety

Summer sun safety Story adapted from HealthLink BC by Patti-Lea Ryan Edited by Nila Gopaul Level 2 It is fun to sit or play in the sun. But, too much sun can be harmful. We can get sunburned on cloudy days, too. Too much heat can lead to health problems. People can get stroke, heat exhaustion, skin…

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Summer jobs for youth 2017

Level 3 The Summer Jobs Program helps students get summer jobs. The Summer Jobs Program is part of the Youth Employment Strategy. Read on to find out: What the program does Who can participate How students and youth can get help finding a job What does the program do? The Summer Jobs Program helps youth:…

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