A tsunami bike comes to Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii tsunami bike

Photo by Greg Getten, Public domain
A motorcycle like this was found on the beach in Haida Gwaii

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun

Level 1

A man walks on the beach.
His name is Peter Mark.
He sees a big white box on the sand.
Something is in the box.
It’s a motorcycle!
Mark cannot turn the wheel.
“It’s in pretty bad shape,” he says.
Where does the bike come from?
Then Mark sees the licence plate.
There is Japanese writing on it.
On March 11, 2011, a tsunami hit the west coast of Japan.
But Haida Gwaii is 6,500 km from Japan!
Mark knows many died in the tsunami.
He thinks about the owner of the bike.
He contacts people from the Japanese government in Vancouver.
They find the owner.

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The owner of the bike
Ikuo Yokoyama, 29, is alive.
But three of his family died in the tsunami.
And he lost his house.
Yokoyama is so happy to hear about his motorcycle.
His bike is a Harley Davidson model.
The white box was a garage for his bike.
Yokoyama said, “I am very thankful that it came back.
I would like to thank the man who found my bike….”

Bike goes to museum
The Harley Davidson company said it would return his bike to Japan.
The company said they would fix it.
But Yokoyama says he wants it to go to the Harley Museum in the U.S.
He wants people to remember everyone who died in the tsunami.

Tsunami garbage
A soccer ball from Japan was on a beach in Alaska.
It belongs to a 16-year-old boy.
People in Alaska returned the ball to the boy.
More than one million tons of garbage went into the sea after the tsunami.
Much of it is coming to the beaches of B.C. and North America.
Volunteers will help to clean up.