A musical gift


Friends visited Alexis Summers (middle) last week. Rick Summers, her father, is watching the video behind her. Casey, the video cameraman, sits beside her.
Photo courtesy of Abbotsford Christian School

Adapted from The Province

Level 1

Alexis Summers is 15 years old.
She is in Grade 10 at Abbotsford Christian School.
Alexis is sick.
For six weeks she has pains in her stomach.
Her doctor sends her to the B.C. Children’s Hospital.
This hospital is in Vancouver.
Rick Summers is Alexis’ father.
He drives far to visit her.
She feels very lonely.

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School wants to help
She cannot go to school.
Her friends miss her.
And she misses her friends.
The principal of the school wants to cheer her up.
What can they do?
Make a big card?
The card can say, “Get well!”
Make a big picture?
She can put it on the wall in the hospital.

Student ideas
The students have a better idea.
They make a lip-dub video.
In a lip-dub video, people pretend to sing.
They choose songs for the video.
And they learn the words.
Some students dance.
Other students do actions.

The video
The students choose two songs.
Casey Kowalchuk says he wants to help.
Casey is in Grade 11.
And he has his own YouTube channel.
He knows how to make a video.
Most students in the school are in the video.
Casey said, “It turned out really, really good.”

A gift for Alexis
Alexis watches the video with her father.
Rick said it was “amazing.”
The principal said, “It’s an unusual gift.”
“Here’s a girl who really felt alone and the whole school
pitched in to make sure she was not (alone).”