An indoor garden Patch


Kent Houston is the creator of Patch, a locally designed and manufactured indoor planter system.
Photograph Arlen Redekop, The Vancouver Sun

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun

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Patch has many meanings in English.
An eye patch is a cover for a sore or injured eye.
A patch can be a piece of cloth to fix a hole in your jeans.

We say “patch” for an area that is different from what is around it.
We say there is an icy patch on the road.
There is a part of the road that is icy.
We say a horse has a white patch on his neck.
The rest of his body is brown.

Patch can also mean a piece of ground where something grows.
We can sit on a patch of grass.
I have a vegetable patch in my backyard.

An inside Patch
Kent Houston designed a different Patch.
His Patch is a small planter for growing herbs indoors.
You can also grow kale and lettuce in your Patch planter.
Later Houston hopes to have a Patch for peppers, cucumbers and more.
Patch fits in an envelope. You can put it together yourself.
Or you can easily mail it to a friend.

No fuss, no mess
You can put a Patch kit together in about ten minutes.
Then you add water, potting mix, seeds and six hours of sunlight.
Patch has a place for water at the bottom of the planter.
You do not water the soil. The soil stays dry on the top.
You pour water into a cone. The water goes right to the bottom of Patch.
You can see when to stop. You can see when to water again.
The soil sucks up water when it needs it.
This way, you do not overwater.


Diagram of Patch showing where water goes
Image courtesy of Patch

More about this Patch
This Patch sits on a window ledge easily.
The planter is 30cm by 16cm by 16 cm.
All the parts of Patch are washable and recyclable.

Get growing without lifting a finger
Houston has an idea for Vancouver customers only.
Houston says, “You pick the planter design, tell us where you live,
and we’ll bring a pre-planted Patch right to your front door.”
It costs a little more. But all you do is add water. Instant garden patch.


A patch of mint for indoor gardening

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