Batty ideas that might work


Photo: Ward Perrin/The Vancouver Sun
Howard Normann holds a new bat house.

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun

Level 3

Bats might become golfer’s best friends.
Golf courses in Vancouver have been bothered by
clouds of mosquitoes. One bat eats 2,000 to 6,000
insects each night. Bats also like open space, trees and water.

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Maybe bat houses would encourage these nocturnal creatures
to live close to the golf courses. And these flying mammals
would not disturb the golfers. So, two bat houses
will be installed on each of the three Vancouver golf courses.

One house can hold 300 bats and will sit on a pole five metres
above the ground. The structures are placed so that bats
get ten hours of sunshine to stay warm while they roost.

There are 45 species of bats in North America.
The biggest bat in the world is in Asia. It weighs about 1 kg,
has a 2 metre wingspan and eats only fruit.
Thailand is home to the smallest bat which weighs as much as a dime.