Birds get a break in Stanley Park

Photo by Kim Stallknecht, The Vancouver Sun
Robyn Worcester and Brian Titaro of the Stanley Park Ecology Society anchor the log in its new resting place in Lost Lagoon. The log will serve as habitat for the birds.

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun

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In winter there is a special place in Stanley Park.
The place is called Lost Lagoon.
Lost Lagoon is a refuge for birds.
This means birds can be safe there.

A safe place
Some birds live in the park all year.
Other birds only come to visit in the winter.
The visitors are running away from cold weather.
In the winter, these birds come from other parts of B.C.
They also arrive from Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

Recycling old logs
Birds in Stanley Park now have a new resting place.
There will also be four other resting spots soon.
The Stanley Park Ecology Society is doing the work.
The society got a grant of $50,000, a donation from the HSBC bank.
Their staff are making these resting spots out of logs.
The logs came from local beaches.
The ends of the logs will be anchored.
This way, the logs won’t move.

Good for the birds
The logs are away from people.
On the logs, birds will be safe from dogs and other animals.
Birds will also have a peaceful place to sit.
Like people, birds need to have peace and quiet.

Good for people
People will easily see the birds on the logs.
Visitors to the park can also get good photos of the birds.
The Stanley Park Ecology Society will also put out
new boxes for nesting birds.

Good for Stanley Park
Stanley Park is one of the most famous city parks in the world.
About 8 million visitors come to the park every year.
The park is a home and a stopping place for 240 species of birds.
On September 27, 1888, Stanley Park was opened.
It was the first “greenspace” in the new city of Vancouver.