Buy better meat, spend less money

Photo by Lori Bartsch
Cattle at North Valley Farm in Abbotsford, B.C.

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun

Level 1

Many people know the word “carpool”.
You go to work in a friend’s car.
You take a friend in your car.
You drive another child to school.
Several people ride in one car.
This is a “carpool”.

Photo: Public Domain
People in a carpool on their way to work.

Now there is a new word.
This word is “cow-pool”.
People buy a whole cow.
Then they share the meat from that cow.
One woman shares beef with seven people.
They go to her gym.
Some people share with family.
Others share with neighbours.

Why cow-pool?
People want to know where the cows live.
These animals eat grass.
They can move around the farm.
People do not want chemicals in their meat.
They want meat from healthy animals.

Where will I put all that meat?
Many people live in apartments.
They have small freezers.
A whole cow gives 300 kg of meat.
Where will you keep it?
Buy a whole animal.
Then share it.
Then you will have space.

How to cow-pool
It is easy to cow-pool.
There are three easy steps:

  1. Find some people who want to share good meat.
    Some people share pork (or a pig), too.
  2. Find a farm to sell you a whole animal.
  3. Have a meeting with your friends.

How will you share the meat?
Each person must get some of the best parts.
And each person must get parts like hamburger.
Later the farmer will prepare the meat.
Then you pick it up.

No trouble selling
North Valley Farm in Abbotsford sold all their beef this year.
Cow-pooling helps farmers, too.