Bystander helps out

Photo by Arsineh Garabedian
Mitra Parizgar saves the day.

Level 1

It is July 2012.
But the weather is cool.
People are at a dog park
in West Vancouver.
They are playing
with their dogs.
Sylvia Taylor is at the park
with her dog.
Her dog is called “Hemingway.”

Hemingway likes to swim, fish and hunt.
First, he plays in the ocean.
Then he walks near Capilano River.
The river is near the dog park.
Suddenly, Hemingway sees a seal.
He jumps into the river.
He wants to catch the seal.

Hemingway swims and swims and swims.
But he cannot catch the seal.
Sylvia is very upset.
She sees Hemingway far from the shore.
She calls and calls.  He cannot hear her.
And Sylvia cannot swim.
Soon, people come to look.
They want to know what is wrong.

Just then, Mitra Parizgar walks by.
She is with her son, Sam.
Mitra sees all the people.
She thinks,” Maybe I can help.”

Mitra is a strong swimmer.
Twenty years ago, she was a lifeguard.
She takes off her socks and shoes.
She jumps into the river.
The water is very cold.
But she does not care.

She swims to Hemingway.
Mitra is calm.
She gets closer and closer to the dog.
She calls and calls his name.
After 20 minutes, the dog turns his head.
He listens.
He swims back to shore.
Sylvia smiles.
She is so happy.
She calls Mitra a hero.