Cut down on sitting down


Photo by Wayne Leidenfrost/The Vancouver Sun
Kids run in the Sun Run.

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun by Nancy Carson
Level 2

Canadians think their children are active.
This is not true.
Children aged 5 – 11 should be moving fast
for an hour or more every day.

Read the PDF. Try the exercise.
A report on Canadian children
Rachel Colley helped to write a report.
She studied children and youths aged 6 – 19.
She said 93% are not active for an hour a day.
And 23% of these children weigh too much.
Many children and teens sit for hours.
These children also have more health problems later.

Too much sitting
If you are on a computer,
you do not move much.
When you watch TV,
you do not move much.
Children who sit a lot
can have poor marks in school.
Then they do not feel happy.
They are angry more often.

Think about these tips:

  • Look at a screen for two hours or less.
  • Walk or bike to school with friends.
  • Go outside and walk the dog, or work in the yard.
  • Help make meals or do jobs where you must stand.
  • Go and visit friends.  Don’t text or email them.