Plumber rescues cat

cat rescue

Photo by Dan Ferguson, Peace Arch News
Plumber David Radey with Timbit

Adapted from Peace Arch News by Nancy Carson
Level 2

David Radey is sleeping at home in Pitt Meadows.
His phone rings.
It is 5:30 a.m.
His boss tells him about a problem.
Radey jumps in the company van.
Then he drives to White Rock.

An emergency
Suzanne Burke is waiting at her home.
She is very tired.
She called many places to ask for help.
Everyone said no.
Then she called Milani Plumbing.
They sent Radey to help.

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A plumbing problem
Timbit, a small kitten, is stuck in a pipe.
The pipe is under Burke’s floor.
The kitten is only three months old.
And she weighs only 1 kg.
Burke is cat-sitting for her father.
Kittens are curious.
Somehow Timbit opened a vent cover.
Then she fell inside.
The little cat is so scared.
Burke hears the cat’s cries.
But Burke cannot reach her father’s cat.
She can do nothing to help Timbit.

Radey has an idea
For seven hours Radey drills holes.
He cuts parts of the wall.
Finally he uses his sewer camera
to look for Timbit.
Radey uses this special camera
to look inside sewer pipes.
The camera looks like a snake.
It can move inside any pipes
to find a problem.
Suddenly, he sees Timbit’s tiny face
on the camera window.

Getting Timbit out
Burke calls Timbit.
She calls her again and again.
The poor little animal moves a little closer.
But they cannot reach her.
Finally, Burke gets a tin of cat food.
Timbit smells the food.
The kitten comes closer and closer.
Radey grabs her.
The cat is not hurt, but she looks funny.
Dust and dirt cover her little face.

A happy ending
Sonny Burke, Timbit’s owner, was so happy.
He said Radey is a man with a “good heart”.
Radey doesn’t feel like a hero.
He says he is “just an average Joe doing his job.”
It is the first time he rescued a cat.
Radey says he might add “cat rescue” to his résumé!