The April issue of The Westcoast Reader is out. Look for the special supplement “B.C. Votes 2017” in the middle.

The April newspaper has articles about food, hockey, a new RCMP commanding officer, income taxes and cougar attacks.

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This issue of The Westcoast Reader newspaper is a special double issue. The four-page insert will help readers understand how elections work in BC. You may download and print the supplement, B.C. Votes 2017. It is formatted for 11 X 17 paper.
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Download the Teacher's Notes for B.C. Votes 2017

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day


Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Vancouver, B.C.
Photo by Kim Stallknecht/The Vancouver Sun

Level 2

Written by Nila Gopaul. Originally posted to The Westcoast Reader, March 2015

St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday.
On this day, people celebrate
the life of St. Patrick.
St. Patrick was born in the year 387.
He brought Christianity to Ireland.
Experts believe St. Patrick
died on March 17, 461.
So this is the day the holiday is observed.
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