Crazy cats?

Radamés Manosso

Like dogs and cats
(Photo: Radamés Manosso / CC, Flickr)

Do you have a special pet cat?

Your cat could be put in a film that will air on the CBC.
The director is looking for unusual cats:

“Does your cat interact with other animals?”
“Does your cat have any odd behaviours or quirks?”

Here is how you can include your cat:

  1. Take a picture of your cat.
  2. Upload the picture to the website
    You must include your name and email address.
  3. Write a description about why your cat is unusual.
    Or tell a story about your cat.

If the director likes the story, your cat may be included in the film!

Here is what others have posted about their cats.

For more information, visit The Nature of Things website, or the Lost Lion website.

(Source: CBC website)