David Booth kissed a grizzly bear


Vancouver Canuck’s David Booth meets a grizzly.
PHOTO: David Booth / Twitter

Adapted from The Province and The Vancouver Sun
Level 1

David Booth plays hockey.
He is a Vancouver Canuck.

Booth went to Abbotsford.
He visited Mark Dumas.
Dumas trains animals.
His animals are in movies.

Dumas trained Billy.
Billy is a grizzly bear.
David Booth and Billy kissed.

Billy weighs 600 pounds.
He is a teenager.
Dumas started training Billy as a cub.

Wild grizzly bears are dangerous animals.
You should stay away from them.

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Grizzly bears catch fish to eat.
PHOTO – Arthur Chapman / CC, Flickr

Facts about grizzly bears

  • Grizzly bears live up to 25 years.
  • Females have babies at the age of five.
  • Baby bears are called cubs.
  • Cubs stay with their mothers for three years.
  • Grizzlies see as well as humans.
  • They can smell better than a dog.
  • Grizzly bears eat insects, fruit, fish and meat.
  • Grizzly bears use their claws to dig roots.
  • Grizzly bears attack only when they are frightened or their cubs are threatened.