Dog helps people

Photo by Nick Procaylo, The Vancouver Sun
Isla, the visiting dog, walks with Darlene Ross.

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun

Level 1

Isla likes to visit the Union Gospel Mission
(UGM) in New Westminster.
And she is 11 years old.
Isla is a dog. She is a Labrador dog.
She goes to UGM with her owner.
His name is Rodger.

Union Gospel Mission
People can go to the UGM for a good meal.
They can eat there every day.
The staff and volunteers also make food
for special holidays. For example, they cook
a big meal at Christmas.
There are nine UGMs in Vancouver and Mission.

People at UGM
People talk to Isla when she comes.
She sees someone sad.
Then she goes close to that person.
She licks the person’s face.

Rodger and UGM
Rodger goes to UGM every morning.
He puts Isla in his car.
Then he works in the UGM kitchen.
He helps with the breakfast.
He helps with the lunch.

Isla and UGM
Isla does not stay long in the car.
Rodger sometimes gives his car keys to a client.
Then that person can walk with Isla.
Maybe that person talks to Isla.

Isla remembers
Isla and her owner walk in the city.
They meet people from the mission.
Isla sees them.
Rodger says, “Her whole body wags.
It’s not just her tail.”