Winter driving


Driving in the winter can be dangerous.
Photo by Harold Gopaul

Adapted from ICBC / Photos – iStockphoto

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In B.C., heavy rain, fog, snow and ice can make driving difficult.
Here are some ideas for driving in the winter:

  1. Buy good wipers, so you can see well.
  2. Fill fluids such as antifreeze and wiper fluid.
  3. Make sure that you have good winter tires if you are driving
    on roads that have snow or ice.
  4. Slow down.  Keep extra space between you and the car in front.

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1. Good wipers keep your windshield clear.
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2. A woman checks fluid levels.
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3. Good tires help keep you safe.
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4. A driver stays well back from the car in front of him.
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4 thoughts on “Winter driving

  1. Thanks for the advice. Better safe than sorry, you say there :)). Well, winter is starting in the Czech Republic too. Bad for driving but good news for us, skiers :)) Be good to bugs, your Max

    • Stay warm, Max. The skiers are very happy here in Vancouver, too. New snow on the mountains. First frost on the cars across the street this morning.

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