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North Peace Savings and Credit Union now has cash machines with video links to their branches.Photo courtesy of uGenius

North Peace Savings and Credit Union now has cash machines with video links to their branches.
Photo courtesy of uGenius

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun

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A credit union in northern B.C. is helping its customers.
People can get money anytime from
automatic teller machines or ATMs.
Cash machines are everywhere now.
The credit union in Fort St. John
has something new for its members.

A new cash machine
Now their customers can use a personal teller machine or PTM.
On a PTM you can talk to a person.
You can see this person on a video screen.
This is called “face to face” service.
This person, or teller, works at the main
credit union in Fort St. John.
North Peace Credit Union also put PTMs in Fort Nelson.

How PTMs work
People use their bank card to work the PTM.
Then a person pops up on the video screen.
You see and hear the person.
That person sees and hears you.

Good things about PTMs
The credit union is open eight hours a day.
The PTM is open 12 hours a day,
Monday to Saturday.
Few people come to the credit union on Saturdays.
So, it is cheaper for the credit union to have
a PTM for people on Saturdays.

Long distances in the country
Many people live a long way from town.
They live by the Alaska Highway.
This highway is 400 km long.
Driving to town takes a long time.
In winter the roads are bad.
Driving is not safe.
It is closer to drive to a PTM.

Services on a PTM
Members can order cheques on a PTM.
They can deposit cash.
They can ask for a loan.

Interest in PTMs
PTMs started in the U.S. in 2008.
A company called uGenius developed them.
Many colleges, hospitals, airports and grocery stores
now want these new machines.

Personal teller video machines for the publicPhoto courtesy of uGenius

Personal teller video machines for the public
Photo courtesy of uGenius

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  1. Could be helpful for those, who feel alone… just to come and talk with someone 🙂 No seriously, it’s a very good new technology. Hope, will be soon in Europe, too.

    • Apparently, it was very slow getting off the ground in the first place, when it was first introduced to the marketplace. I appreciate your humour re Face 2 Face. We are losing our old phone booths due to smart phone popularity. Maybe we could introduce Talk 2 Me booths for those who just wish to chat. Swipe your card and make a new ‘friend’.

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