Coastal First Nations invites hunters to shoot photos


Bears fishing
(Photo: Douglas Brown / CC, Flickr)

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Coastal First Nations wants to end grizzly bear hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest. They banned grizzly bear hunting in their territory.

The provincial government does not recognize the ban. It is not a law.

The Coastal First Nations of BC want hunters to take photos. They are against hunters shooting grizzly bears in First Nation’s territory.

Many bear hunters shoot grizzlies to take trophies. They are not hunting to get food.

First Nations from the Central and North Coasts and the Haida Gwaii are part of the Coastal First Nations.

The province gives out 300 licenses every year.
Only hunters with a license can shoot a bear. Hunters must apply to get a license. The licenses are hard to get.


Female bear standing
(Photo: Heather and Mike / CC, Flickr)

The Coastal First Nations is holding a contest.
Hunters with a license to shoot a grizzly can enter the draw. The winners will get a guided tour to photograph grizzly bears. The winning hunters must give up their permits to shoot the grizzlies.


A bear skin is a trophy. US politician Sarah Palin sits with her husband’s “trophy.”
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The Guide Outfitters Association of BC thinks the contest will not work. They think hunters will not give up their licenses to shoot bears.

The winners will get a round-trip airfare, five nights’ accommodation and daily guided adventures in bear country.