The Global Selfie Project 2014


These signs told where on the earth the picture was taken.
(Photo courtesy of NASA)

Adapted from the NASA website by Patty Bossort.
Level 3

NASA takes pictures of the earth from space.
We learn a lot about the earth from their pictures.

NASA celebrated Earth Day 2014 with the Global Selfie Project.

What is the Global Selfie Project?
NASA asked people all around the world a simple question.
The question was, “Where are you on Earth Right Now?”

Read the PDF and do the exercise

People from around the world took pictures of themselves.
These pictures are called “selfies”.
The pictures are of the earth from the ground.

People went outside on April 22, 2014.
They took pictures of themselves on the earth.
The pictures showed mountains, parks, sky, rivers, lakes and more.


Participants could use this sign from the NASA website.
(Photo courtesy of NASA)

Participants made or held signs. The signs were written in ink or paint.
They were scratched in the sand, or spelled out with rocks.
The signs told where on the earth the picture was taken.

Thousands of people sent their photos to NASA on April 22, Earth Day.

NASA created a mosaic of the selfies of the earth.

The event raised awareness about the environment and the need to protect our planet.


The Global Selfie mosaic
(Photo courtesy of NASA)

NASA = NASA is an organization. It studies and explores space.
It is located in the United States.
The letters mean National Aeronautics and Space Administration

selfies = a picture you take of yourself

mosaic = artwork made by putting many pictures together in one frame