Hannah writes about Jonah

Hannah Christensen sits with her book for children" Mark Van Manen, The Vancouver Sun

Hannah Christensen sits with her book for children
Mark Van Manen, The Vancouver Sun

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun

Level 1
January 2012

Hannah Christensen is 12 years old.
She wrote a book called Sock Wars to remember her brother.
Jonah died three years ago. He was six years old.
Sock Wars is a fun story about a girl and her brother.
The girl washes clothes. Then she folds the clothes.
Her brother takes the socks.  He throws the socks at her.
The pictures in the book help her remember Jonah  in a happy way.
The pictures look like Hannah and Jonah.
“The story is true,”  says Hannah.
She also says, “Reading is really important.”
Hannah wants to help families learn to read.
The money from her book will go to families in B.C.

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  1. I am so sorry about her brother.Nothing is worst than losing a sibling.I am so happy that she can help people and remember her brother both on a good way.I hope Hannah continue to write.

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