Tiny newcomers help with plants


Photo: Mark Van Manen/The Vancouver Sun
Jeff Lee and wife Amanda shake honey bees into a hive from a pipe

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun by Nancy Carson
Level 1

They are very small.
In April, 15 million of them ride
on a plane for 13 hours.
They share pipes with 10,000 others.

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New homes wait for them in Canada.
What are they? They are honey bees.

In B.C., honey bees help make
the fruit on blueberry bushes.
They help make the fruit
on apple trees and other fruit trees.
Flowers need bees and bees need flowers.
Flowers do not make fruit without bees.
Bees do not have food without flowers.
All living things need bees, say scientists.

Did you know?
Years ago, people from Europe
brought bees to Canada.
Bees are from warm places.
Many die in our winters.
So farmers in Canada
order bees every year.
Farmers get bees from Hawaii,
New Zealand, Australia, or Chile.