Many literacy tools, not just books

Francesca de Freitas and her sons Liam 5, and Eion, 2, play reading games  Photograph by Jenelle Schneider

Francesca de Freitas and her sons Liam 5, and Eion, 2, play reading games.
(Photograph by Jenelle Schneider/The Vancouver Sun)

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun

Long ago, people learned to read with books.
Libraries were full of books to borrow.
Books and pens were the main literacy* tools.
But much has changed.
*literacy (LI-ter-ra-see) means the ability to read and write.

Now there are iPads, smartphones
and websites to help with literacy.
Francesca de Freitas is a children’s librarian
with the Vancouver Public Library (VPL).
She says iPads, smartphones, picture books,
nursery rhymes and songs are all great literacy tools.

For parents and children
The VPL has a new program for parents and children
called Apps for Your Littles Ones.
The VPL also has iPads for public use
in the children’s area at its central branch.
Parents and kids can try these iPads.

Librarians show how to use technology
Parents can also go to the library to get help
from librarians like Francesca.
Librarians can show families popular books and apps.
Librarians can teach families how to use apps, too.
“I think it’s great to expose your child
to as many literacy tools as you can,” says Francesca.
Technology can help many people to improve
their reading and writing skills.