The apples of our eyes

most popular apple

Photo by Ric Ernst, The Vancouver Sun

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun

The apples of our eyes

Level 2

The favourites
For years an apple was in someone’s lunch.
The McIntosh was a favourite in the 1950s.
Now the Ambrosia  is the most popular apple.
But people still ask for the McIntosh.
The “Mac” is softer to bite.  At Whole Foods, the number one apple
is Honeycrisp. The number two and three favourites in B.C.
are Fuji and Gala.

Read the PDF. Try the exercise.

Farmers will change their crops
Growers like the Ambrosia apples better.  95% of this crop
is good enough to sell.  But about 60% of the Mac crop
becomes apple juice or applesauce. The B.C. government
is giving farmers money.  Farmers will take out old trees.
Then they will plant new apples, like red Gala and Ambrosia.

Fruits are healthy
Fruits are delicious.  They are full of vitamins A and C.
They may help your heart.  They may prevent some types of cancer.
Fruit keeps your eyesight good for a long time.  Health Canada says
that most women should eat seven or eight servings
of fruit and vegetables each day.  You can’t get all that from a pill!

Don’t peel your apple
Apples make your mouth feel fresh. With each bite, they clean your teeth.
Did you know?  The flavour and smell comes from the apple skin.
And the vitamins are just under the skin.

What is your favourite?
Look for the name on the little sticker when you buy another apple.
Try different ones.

A new one
A new apple is coming to B.C.  Its name is SPA 493.
It is tart.  This apple will get a new name at the UBC Apple Festival
in October 2012.  What name would you choose?