Together anything is possible


Rick Hansen with a copy of the $5 coin, at the 25th anniversary of the Man in Motion Tour
Photo – Wayne Leidenfrost/The Vancouver Sun

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun

Level 2

Rick Hansen plans a trip.  It is 25 years ago.  Hansen is in a wheelchair.
He begins his “Man in Motion Tour”.
He pushes his wheelchair for miles and miles.
In two years, he visits 34 countries.

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Why does he go?
Hansen wants to raise money. He wants to help spinal cord research.
He knows many people.  Many of them hurt their backs.
This is why they cannot walk.  Some also cannot move their arms.
He thinks science can help.
Hansen says you do not need legs to do sports.
You do not need legs to enjoy life.

“Together anything is possible.”
Hansen says, “Together anything is possible.” We can solve any problem.
But we must work together.  People listen to him. They agree.
So, they donate $26 million in two years.

Hansen says cities can help, too
Some people cannot move easily.  But they still need to shop.
They still need to visit friends.  They still need to go to the doctor.
So, many cities help. City workers make low parts at the end of sidewalks.
Some buses can go down low.  Then wheelchairs can roll on.
Mothers with strollers can roll on with their babies.

Rick Hansen wants cities to make ramps into buildings.
A wheelchair can go up a ramp.
Some other people use walkers.  It is easy to push a walker up a ramp.
People with scooters can also use a ramp.
Ramps are helpful to many people.

Mint makes anniversary coin
The Royal Canadian Mint makes a silver coin.
The coin remembers Hansen’s tour.
The Mint makes all the money in Canada. On the coin is a picture of Hansen.
The Mint makes only 7500 of these coins.
You can buy one for $69.95.