Students write to a newspaper


A traffic jam in Vancouver
Mark Woodbury/Flickr

Submitted by: Jennifer Partridge, West Point Grey United Church,
ESL teacher

Jennifer Partridge’s students wrote letters to a newspaper.
They wanted to write about Vancouver’s traffic problems.
The learners also wanted to talk about solutions.
Here are three of their letters:

Think about what issues affect your community.
Write to your mayor or city council or local newspaper.
Jennifer’s class did!


The top of a taxi
Photograph by Dave Newman (newmanchu)/Flickr


A subway underground
Photograph by AEMoreira042281/Wikipedia


A bus driver waits for passengers.
Photograph by Michael Chu
(Average Joe)/Flickr


Parking spaces at a mall
Photograph: Public Domain


A bicycle on a street
Photograph by Roland Tanglao/Flickr