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Kayaks: from the old to the new


Andrew in a skin on frame kayak
Photo courtesy of Cape Falcon Kayak

Adapted from Wikipedia and the links below by Nancy Carson
Level 3

Many people in Canada love to be outdoors.
Some like to paddle on B.C.’s lakes or on oceans nearby.
A favorite boat of outdoor people is the canoe.
The word “canoe” came from kenu in the Carib language,
and canoa from Spanish. These words mean “dugout”.
A dugout is a boat made from a log.
Another favorite boat is the kayak.
Kayak is a word from the Inuit people.
It means “man’s boat”.

Reading by: Jessica Heafey

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A different kind of library


Photo by Dan Toulgoet, The Vancouver Courier
Volunteer Ryan Mason, behind the counter, helps out a member at the Vancouver Tool Library

Adapted from The Vancouver Courier
and The Vancouver Tool Library website by Nancy Carson
Level 2

Many people go to a library. They borrow books.
They read newspapers. They use the computers there.
The new library in Surrey is different.
You can borrow people at the Surrey library.
They are called “living books”. You can listen to their stories.

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