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Lawyer loves law


Former UBC president and Constance Isherwood
Photo by Darryl Dyck/ The Canadian Press

Lawyer loves law
Adapted from The Vancouver Sun by Nila Gopaul
Level 1

  Listen to “Lawyer loves law”– Level 1
Reading by Jessica Heafey

Constance Isherwood
is a lawyer.
She lives in Victoria, B.C.

Constance is 95 years old.
She has 100 clients.
She enjoys going to court.
She likes to prepare cases
for the judge.

“No two clients are alike,
no two cases are alike,” she says.

In May 2015, Constance
got an award at UBC.
At the award ceremony,
she said, “There is really
nothing wrong with getting old.
You just have to keep going
and keep breathing.”

Constance loves her work.


  1. law:  a rule made by the government
  2. clients:  people who go to lawyers
  3. court:  a place where people listen
    and make decisions about law
  4. cases:  questions to be talked about in court
  5. judge:  a person who makes
    a final decision in a court.

Female “Sherlock Holmes”


Constance Isherwood and UBC President Arvind Gupta,
the day she received her honourary degree
Photo by Darryl Dyck/The Canadian Press

Female “Sherlock Holmes”
Still practising law at 95

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun by Nancy Carson
Level 3

People ask Constance Isherwood
when she will stop practising law.
She tells them, “Well, if you keep practising,
eventually you’ll get the hang of it.”
This Victoria lawyer, 95, still runs Holmes and Isherwood.
She and her husband Foster opened the firm in 1964.

A passion for the law
Isherwood loves the variety in her job.
“No two clients are alike,
no two cases are alike,” she remarked.
“And the clients themselves
are the greatest variety of them all.”
She enjoys going to court.
And she still has over 100 clients.

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