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Chocolate chip cookies are a Canadian favourite


Classic chocolate chip cookies
(Photo: TRPNBLIES7 / CC, Flickr)

Adapted from wikiHow
Level 2

Who invented the chocolate chip cookie?

Ruth Wakefield invented the chocolate chip cookie in 1924.

Ruth and her husband ran a tourist lodge. Ruth made very good desserts for her guests.

One day she did not have powdered cocoa for her favourite cookie recipe. Instead, she found a chocolate bar. She cut it up in small pieces.

She thought the pieces would melt.


Chocolate chip cookies are yummy!
Photo: CHILEBEANS / CC, Flickr

The chopped up chocolate bar did not melt. The small pieces only softened. The result was a chocolate chip cookie. They were a big success.

Follow this simple recipe on the next page and make your own chocolate chip cookies.

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