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Victoria Day is on May 18


A statue of Queen Victoria
Photo by Peter Battistoni/The Vancouver Sun

Victoria ruled the United Kingdom (UK) from 1837 to 1901.
She was also the queen of Canada.

Victoria was born on May 24, 1819.
She became Queen on June 20, 1837.
She ruled until her death, on January 22, 1901.
Victoria is the longest-reigning monarch
in UK history.

Victoria Day is celebrated the Monday before May 25.
This day is a public holiday in Canada.
Some people call this holiday the “May long weekend”.

Five interesting facts about Queen Victoria:

  • Victoria became queen at age 18.
  • She was only 152 cm tall.
  • Victoria asked Prince Albert to become her husband.
    He was her cousin. They had a loving marriage.
    After he died, she always wore black.
  • She had nine children,
    40 grand-children and 37 great-grandchildren.
  • Queen Victoria could speak several languages,
    including Urdu and Hindustani.