“Tough fish” found in Burnaby pond

"tough fish"

Photo by Nick Procaylo, The Vancouver Sun
Snakehead fish caught in Burnaby

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun

Level 2

For 27 days they hunt for a fish. People fear this fish.
It looks tough.  At last they catch it with a net.
The “snakehead fish” is a tough fish.
It can grow up to one metre long.
It can breathe air when it is on land.
It can move on the ground to another place.
This fish has no enemies in nature.
Sometimes it eats small animals when it is on the ground.
The snakehead is from China and Russia.
It is not native to Canada.

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Buying and selling this fish
Some stores sell the snakehead.
People in China and Africa like to eat it.
T&T stores stopped selling this fish for cooking.
People used to buy the fish alive.
B.C. is the only place in North America
that lets stores import this fish.

Invasive species
People from the Ministry of the Environment
want to get rid of all animals like this. These animals
can hurt our environment.   They take food, space
and shelter from our native plants and animals.
In 2008, six non-native plants cost B.C. $65 million.
Surrey spends thousands of dollars every year.
The workers in Surrey remove invasive species from their parks.
We have many problems like the snakehead.
For example, bullfrogs are another problem.
So is a kind of turtle. These turtles are popular pets.
People buy them in pet stores.
The turtles are about one inch long when young.
But they grow up to 14 inches.  Some people do not want to keep
them in the house. After some time, they let them go.
The problems are now in our gardens, parks, lakes and oceans.