I belong on this stage


Vancouver singer/songwriter Wanting Qu
Photo by Siliang Ma

Level 2

Two years ago, Wanting Qu went home to China.
Wanting Qu is a beautiful young woman.
Her home is in Harbin.
Harbin is a city in the northeast of China.
The city is famous. Every year there is an Ice and Snow Festival.
In the winter it can be – 40 C in Harbin.
People come to make many things out of ice and snow.
They make very big buildings out of ice, too.
Now Wanting also makes Harbin famous.

Wanting in Vancouver
It is 2004. Wanting comes to Vancouver. She is 16.
She comes to study in a boarding school.
Wanting says, “I was a tomboy, not a typical Chinese girl.”
Her mother knows her daughter can do it.
Her mother knows the girl can be a good student.

Wanting’s dream
It is 20 years ago. Wanting is four.
She has a dream. She loves music.
Her aunt asks her, “What do you want to be?”
She tells her aunt, “I want to be a famous singer.”
Her mother says, “No, no, no – didn’t you say you wanted to be a doctor?”

Life in Vancouver
One day in Vancouver, Wanting sees a small electric piano.
She buys it. She starts to sing again. She writes songs, too.
She visits China. This time she buys a guitar.
Back in Vancouver, she teaches herself to play it.
But Wanting finishes university. It was her mother’s wish.
Then she speaks to her mother.
Wanting says, “I want to be a musician.”


Wanting Qu with her guitar
Photo by Siliang Ma

Life as a singer-songwriter
In late 2004, Wanting enters a singing contest.
She works hard. She writes songs in Mandarin and English.
In 2010, Wanting makes a music video in her apartment.
She posts it on Youtube.
People love hermusic!  They share it with others.
Now she has thousands of fans.

Wanting’s success
In China her fans buy thousands of her new album.
Her new album, Everything In the World, is now #1 in China.
She sings in the U.S., Canada and China.
Last year, more than 30,000 people saw her show in Harbin.
Wanting says, “I belong on this stage! I want more of this!”


Wanting Qu’s album is number one in China.
Photo by Siliang Ma