4-H* helps youth learn many skills

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun

Level 3

The 4-H Club started 98 years ago, in 1914.
The goal of 4-H was to help youth
learn skills in agriculture. But now you do not need
to live on a farm to join a 4-H program.
You do not even have to own an animal.
There are 2,162 members in 4-H in B.C.

The 4-H today
Today members can still learn about agriculture.
But they can also develop skills in sewing or photography.
They can learn about food preparation.
Some members raise animals like dogs and cows.
Others can find out how to repair small engines.
The 4-H youth belong to a club.
They have projects to complete.

Leaders of tomorrow
The main focus of 4-H today is teaching young people
how to be leaders. They speak in public.
They learn to run meetings. 4-H members get the chance
to work in a team. They have the chance
to become responsible citizens.
Youth can learn life skills by following the 4-H motto.
Their motto is “Learn to do by doing”.
They learn these skills by using
the *four H’s: Head, Heart, Health and Hands.

4-H and the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE)
The P.N.E. is one of many fairs 4-H members can attend.
Many people visiting this fair like to see farm animals.
Some 4-H youth show their animals to the public and to judges.
These youth win can win prizes for the best animals.
Calves, pigs, horses and lambs are favourites with the public.