Legal Aid BC: Applying for legal aid – Part 3

Submitted by Nate Prosser and Alex Peel, Legal Aid BC,
Edited by Nila Gopaul • Illustrations by Danette Byatt
Applying for Legal Aid, Part 3/6

WCR and Legal Aid BC co-publish a series offering readers information about their legal rights in Canada.

Sally was in an abusive relationship.
Her husband hit her.
Sally left her home.
She took her children.
to a safe place.

Sally talks to a community worker
She goes to talk to Lisa.
Lisa is a community worker.
Lisa explains what abuse* is.
She tells Sally that abuse is illegal.
Then Lisa tells Sally to ask for legal aid.
*Click here to read “What is abuse? (Part two)



Lisa sends Sally to Legal Aid BC
In B.C., Legal Aid BC
gives legal aid to some people.
Legal Aid BC has an office nearby.
Sally goes to talk to them.
She asks for help.


Jim works in the office.
He comes to help Sally.
Jim is an intake worker.
He asks Sally many questions.


Jim asks about Sally’s problem.
He asks about how much money she has.
Jim asks Sally these questions to see
if she can get a free lawyer.


Jim says there are three different types
of legal aid.

  1. Legal Aid BC can teach her about the law
  2. A lawyer can tell her what to do.
  3. A lawyer can go to court with her.

Jim says Sally can get a free lawyer.
He gives her a lawyer’s phone number.


“Thank you so much,” Sally says.
“I feel so much better now.”
She shakes Jim’s hand. She smiles.


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