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Author: Jade Chan

Dogs in hot cars

In warm weather, cars and other vehicles heat up very fast. Pets can get very sick if left in a hot, parked vehicle. What happens to your dog in a hot car? Dogs cannot release heat by sweating like we do. Their body temperature rises much quicker than ours. Hot weather is worse for some…

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Be Kind to Animals Month

May is Be Kind to Animals Month. It celebrates our love for animals and brings awareness to animal welfare. Being kind to animals includes taking care of your pets and treating local wildlife with respect. What if you find a wild animal? If you find a wild animal alone, sick or injured, they might need…

Animals Nature
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Farmers’ markets

Farmers’ markets in B.C. are opening up for the season. They offer a wide variety of things to buy, including fresh fruits, vegetables, jewelry, music and much more. What is a farmers’ market? For hundreds of years, farmers sold their food at open markets.  Before towns had grocery stores, these markets were the only way to…

Community Food
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Peace by Chocolate

Peace by Chocolate is a chocolate company. It is owned by the Hadhad family. The Hadhad family had a chocolate factory in Syria. A bomb destroyed the factory. The family left Syria. They lived in a refugee camp in Lebanon for three years. A new life in Canada In 2016, the Hadhad family moved to…

Business Community
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Secret climbing tree

There’s a big tree in Vancouver. The tree has many branches. Some people climb this tree. Up high, they can see downtown. They can see the mountains, too. The tree is a giant sequoia. Giant sequoias are very wide. They live for hundreds of years. Where is this tree? That’s a secret! Only local people…

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Make a bird feeder

  Birds have trouble finding food in the winter. You can help birds by making a bird feeder. Pine cones fall from pine trees in the fall and winter. You can use a pine cone to make a bird feeder. What you need:   pine cone string – 8 to 10 inches long peanut butter…

Animals Nature
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Albert Jackson remembered

Albert Jackson was a letter carrier in Toronto. He is thought to be the first Black letter carrier in Canada. Jackson was not a letter carrier at first. In 1882, Jackson got a job as a letter carrier. But Jackson’s co-workers would not train him. He was given a lower job as a hall porter….

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Become a Library Champion

The Library Champions Project is a volunteer program in many public libraries in B.C. It is for people who are new to Canada. It is three months long. What do volunteers learn? Library Champions go to four training sessions. They learn about library, settlement and community services. They also work on communication, presentation and outreach…

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Top word of 2022 is an online dictionary. Every year, the dictionary chooses a top word of the year. Gaslighting was the top word of 2022. The number of times a word is looked up in the dictionary helps decide the word of the year. Searches for ’gaslighting’ increased 1,740 per cent in 2022. What is gaslighting? Gaslighting…

Culture Education
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Prevent kitchen fires

Many people like to cook during the holidays. Fires in the kitchen often start when people leave the kitchen while cooking. Lorraine Carli, vice-president of outreach and advocacy at the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says, “We know cooking fires can be prevented.” Here is how to stay safe in the kitchen: Stay in the…

Food Health Holidays
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George Chow remembered

Remembrance Day reminds us of those who served for Canada. When the Second World War started, Chinese Canadians did not have the right to vote. Their contribution to Canada’s war efforts helped them gain the right to vote in 1947. George Chow was one of about 600 Chinese Canadians who served in the Second World…

Holidays Life Stories
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Regrow vegetables from scraps

When summer ends you can still grow food. Many vegetables can easily be regrown indoors. Common regrown vegetables are green onions, celery and greens like bok choy. The easiest vegetables to regrow are green onions. Here is what you do: 1. Buy some green onions with roots. 2. Cut off the green tops of the…

Food Nature
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ShakeOut – Drop, Cover and Hold On

International ShakeOut Day is on October 20. On this day, millions of people around the world practise how to stay safe during an earthquake. In B.C., the Great British Columbia ShakeOut will take place at 10:20 a.m. People from across the province will take part in a “Drop, Cover and Hold On” drill. To join,…

Health Nature
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Egg and vegetable scramble

Start your day with a healthy breakfast. A balanced breakfast includes items from the main food groups. This egg and veggie scramble is quick and tasty. It can make four servings. What you need:  6 eggs ¼ cup skim milk (optional) ¼ teaspoon ground black pepper 1 teaspoon oil 1 ½ cups chopped mixed vegetables…

Food Health
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Swimmer finds ring

On August 18, a man was swimming in the Penticton Channel.   He found a ring. It was a man’s wedding ring. There was writing on the ring: “Noel loves Stephanie.” The man gave the ring to the police. The police asked for the owner to claim it.   Noel claimed the ring. He had…

Life Stories
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September is Literacy Month

In B.C., we celebrate Literacy Month. Literacy is important to everyone. This year’s theme is “Literacy connects us!” Get involved! Enter the Literacy Connects Us Contest: Fill in the cloud with words or pictures that describe how literacy connects you at home, at work or in the community. Send your entry to or post…

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PNE and Playland

What is the PNE? The PNE is a fair. It is held at Hastings Park in Vancouver. Prime Minister Laurier opened the first PNE fair in 1910. The fair is open 17 days a year. It starts the third week in August and ends on Labour Day. Every summer, more than 900,000 people go to…

Animals History
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B.C. Day in August

B.C. Day is the first Monday in August. On this public holiday, people celebrate living in British Columbia.  Many people use the long weekend to travel, enjoy nature or relax with family and friends. According to the United Nations, “B.C. is the best place in the world to learn, live and play.” A few facts…

Culture History Holidays
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What to do in a heat wave

A heat wave is a period of very hot weather that lasts for two or more days. To be called a heat wave, the temperatures must be above the historical averages for an area. Staying in the heat for a long time can be dangerous. It can cause heat-related illnesses like heat stroke. What to…

Health Nature
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Rattlesnake gets a ride in sports car

In June, employees at a car dealership in Vancouver got a surprise. They found a snake in a Ferrari. The dealership called the Wildlife Rescue Association of B.C. Support Centre Helpline. “To our surprise, a photo determined it wasn’t a local Garter snake, but a Northern Pacific Rattlesnake,” Wildlife Rescue posted on Facebook. Employees had…

Animals Nature
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Start running

Summer is a good time to do things outdoors. Running is a fun outdoor thing to do. Running can help improve your health. It is good for your body and mind. Running is free. You can run anywhere. It is also an easy sport to learn. You only need a pair of running shoes! Set…

Health Sports
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