Be Kind to Animals Month

May is Be Kind to Animals Month. It celebrates our love for animals and brings awareness to animal welfare. Being kind to animals includes taking care of your pets and treating local wildlife with respect.

What if you find a wild animal?

If you find a wild animal alone, sick or injured, they might need help.

A wild animal might need help if:

  • there are signs of injury (blood, wounds, etc.)
  • they are hurt from an accident or injured by another animal.
  • they seem “sleepy” or not moving.
  • they have trouble walking.
  • they are a baby and have been crying for a long time.
  • they are covered in bugs or are cold.

Does the animal need your help?

Many baby animals are accidentally taken away from their families by people. People think the baby is alone. Often the parent is hiding from humans. They go back to the baby when the humans leave.

Call your local wildlife centre or BC SPCA before rescuing wild animals.

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Adapted from BC SPCA • Photo: Pexels/Pixabay, Pexels/International Fund forAnimal Welfare