A big hug

Stella thanks Canada and her “angel.” PHOTO — PETER TAN / PERSONAL ARCHIVES

Stella thanks Canada and her “angel.”
(Photo: Peter Tan / Personal Archives)

2014 Write a Story contest winners

Story by Stella Kong
Vancouver, BC

This story is by one of our four winners.
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On my third day of living in Canada, I went grocery shopping and got lost. I was so scared and stood on the street alone.

Suddenly, an old lady, who seemed like an angel, asked me if I needed any help. I could not communicate with her because I did not speak much English at that time. I felt so frustrated and wanted to cry immediately.

The old lady was so nice and gave me a big hug to comfort me. Her action made me feel warm and comfortable. It was my first time to experience how nice Canadians were after living in this new country for three days.

I love you so much Canada.