The Choi Project


Chinatown Supermarket owner Ken Lau, left, and Bao Chau and Mei Dong
Photo by Nila Gopaul

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun by Nila Gopaul
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In 1886, business started in Chinatown in Vancouver, B.C.
For 100 years, most customers were Chinese-speaking.
Now Chinatown is changing.
Ken Lau says, “Some only speak English.”
So Ken makes English signs.
He puts them beside his vegetables.
“Now business is getting better,” says Ken.

The Choi Project
Claudia Li started the Choi* Project.
She wants more B.C. farmers to grow choi.
People like local vegetables, says Claudia.
And many vegetables at Ken’s store
come from B.C.
*choi (or choy) means “vegetables” in Chinese

Photo of Ken Lau – Arlen Redekop/The Province
Photo of Claudia Li – Gerry Kahrmann/The Vancouver Sun
All other photos by Nila Gopaul

Interview with Ken Lau by Nila Gopaul

Special thanks to Ken Lau, owner of Chinatown Supermarket.
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