Cold remedies

You can catch a cold at any time of the year. Some people try to fight the cold before it starts. If they can’t, people want to get rid of the illness as quickly as possible.

Remedies to fight a cold before it starts

Some people try to fight a cold as soon as they feel ill. They do things to try to boost their immune system. They may increase their Vitamin C intake by taking supplements or drinking orange juice. They may put onions in their socks before they sleep to fight off germs. They may even do a nasal cleanse with boiled salt water so bacteria doesn’t get in their sinuses.

Some people drink orange juice to increase their Vitamin C intake.


Remedies for when a cold has started

Once people catch a cold, they want to be comfortable until they feel better. Some people swear by chicken soup to help them get healthy again, while others prefer a nice cup of hot honey lemon ginger tea. Eating spicy foods and taking hot showers are popular remedies too.

Hot honey lemon ginger tea is a popular remedy.


We all have our own go-to remedies for when we catch a cold. Whatever our remedies may be, we just want to feel better fast.

Submitted by Carolyn Moi, edited by Felisha Chuter

Photos: Wikipedia, flickr/jacqueline