COVID-19 is a new virus. It is also known as novel coronavirus.

The virus appeared in Wuhan, China in December 2019. It has infected over 110,000 people in countries around the world. Close to 4,000 people have died worldwide.

What are the risks?

Most people can recover at home. The risk is greater for older people or people with health problems.

How does COVID-19 spread? 

The virus is spread when someone with the virus sneezes or coughs near you. The droplets from sneezing or coughing can enter your body through your eyes, nose or throat.

Symptoms include a fever, cough and difficulty breathing.

What can you do?

You should:

  • wash your hands often
  • avoid touching your face
  • sneeze or cough into your sleeve
  • stay home if you are sick

This person is washing their hands.

Call your health care provider or contact HealthLinkBC (8-1-1) if you think you have COVID-19.

Learn how to wash your hands with this poster and video.

Adapted from Government of BC • Photo: Unsplash/Curology