“Deck the Halls”

Have you heard this Christmas song before?

The song is called “Deck the Halls.”

It is more than 300 years old. People sing this song to wish their friends and family a happy holiday season.

Where does “Deck the Halls” come from?

“Deck the Halls” is based on a Welsh song called “Nos Galan.” “Nos Galan” means “New Year’s Eve” in Welsh.

In the 1700s, neighbours sang and played instruments together during the holidays. “Nos Galan” was one of the songs they sang. One person would sing as much of the song as they could remember. Then, the next person would sing.

Later, some harpists wrote down the music for “Deck the Halls.” They made an English version of the song. They published the music and the lyrics. It became a popular holiday song.

Try to sing “Deck the Halls” with your family this holiday season!

Listen to “Deck the Halls” :

Adapted from CBC News Photos: Pixabay/Jill Wellington, Flickr/Fabrice Florin